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You shot a movie or you’re about to make one. You wrote a book. You have an event. A message. A product. Maybe all of the above. Now you need to sell. A ticket, a book, an idea. You want the right audiences. Hmm, are you sitting down? As it happens, no one’s waiting to hear from you.

Journalists are busy, and your potential consumers have infinite options. Media, meanwhile, are like a supernova: fanning out in a million pieces as the universe continues to expand. You want to go where the people are—where they watch, read, think, engage, post, tweet, like, and stay in touch.

We can help you get there -- where messages meet eyeballs, where goals meet bottom lines.

  • Julie Fairchild


    Does your story have the potential to make the world a better place? That's the flashpoint I care about, and oh, by the way, it's got great publicity power. It's in my DNA to look for what matters, poking and prodding for the right place to build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be. What audiences want and need what you have? What media do they consume? Who are the new friends you need to know who complement your cause with theirs? Our staff will say I hold a high bar because I'm not satisfied with anything less than the very best results... because our work--spreading the word about goodness--is a high purpose.

    When not working for you, I'm enjoying my little slice of heaven in the Texas Hill Country with my chuck-wagon cooking husband, Rick, and our ever-expanding gaggle of family and friends, who keep us laughing.

  • Monique Sondag

    Vice President of Operations

    I look at something and ask myself how I could organize it. Whether a spreadsheet, a kitchen pantry, or chapstick and candy bars at the checkout, my mind is trained to bring order. I was nine years old, at a friend's house to play, and instead organizing her closet. Her mom offered to take us to see a Disney movie. I passed on the ticket to continue in my version of a playdate. A decade ago, I met Lovell and Fairchild. A decade later the conversation hasn't stopped. Lovell-Fairchild Communications has been a place to exercise all my organizational quirks from creating campaign flows, to orchestrating events of all sorts, to synchronizing the many plates that need to spin for any given project. My mission is to help people, clients and projects alike create white space to think and breathe. Otherwise you'll find me personally thinking, breathing, painting, cooking, reading, on the hunt for the perfect Old Fashioned, or spending time with people who make me laugh.

  • Lucas Fairchlid

    Account Specialist

    I'm marketing minded and prefer high-level strategizing over nit-picking details. I like strange situations that require fast thinking; I especially like new places and people, and getting to know them well. My colleagues describe me as the company's Swiss Army Knife, but I'd say I’m a bridger of gaps—even if they're way outside my comfort zone--to connect people, make friends, and embrace uncertainties. Chaos and adventure, I love, and spoken words over the written ones, especially self-written bios. I like hunting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and anything outdoors. I love my wife, McLean, and the fraternal-twin boys she's carrying... arriving October-ish 2017. We have two crazy dogs, Hutch and Cricket.

  • Michael Conrad

    Media Specialist

    "The art of publicity is a black art; but it has come to stay, and every year adds to its potency." – Thomas Paine Let's face it, our world is deluded with all the worst kinds of publicity. The proof is in a quick Google search of today's top stories, and frankly, I want no part of that. Having worked with the smallest outlets in North Dakota, to the largest platforms in New York, my passion is to take your best story and tell it to the right media. When those two things come together, we have a real chance of influencing the 24-hour news cycle for the better and making a difference. When I'm not practicing the dark arts of PR, you'll find me with my beautiful family (Lindy, John Alfred, Clementine), playing the fiddle, making espresso, or making things out of wood.

  • Catherine Binkley


    I love people, words and stories. Especially the ones that change lives. Details and checklists are my MO. I like to talk, and I love to listen. Relationships are essential to my being. Marketing, journalism, and all of the above passions collide in my role at Lovell-Fairchild. Knowing our clients and their stories, connecting them with media who want audiences to be touched in a positive way, and watching the chemistry take place is pure joy. Logistics, details and accurate expense reports are the icing on the cake. When I'm away from my computer, you'll find me running with my two black labs and toddler, eating frozen yogurt with my husband, or hanging out on a picnic under the Washington Monument.

  • Paul Cozby

    Senior Associate

    I'm a Texan by birth, a New Yorker by choice, and proud of both. After two careers in newspapers and corporate PR, I moved to NYC (with a very understanding wife) in 2006 to write musicals. (Our five kids refer to it as "Dad's midlife crisis.") In 2008, my longtime friend Nancy Lovell called with a little writing "jobbie," and I've had the great privilege of writing for Nancy and Julie almost daily since. I'm motivated to tell good stories for L-F clients that help our team gain positive, engaging exposure for them. I enjoy guiding our materials through the editing process to get the best press pieces we can. And I love working with the L-F family.

  • Sharon Miller


    Accounting – what can I say? It is one of the communication tools we use to measure and keep track of what is going on in our life. Why accounting? Because of my love for math and the attention to detail that it requires. I enjoy working with and organizing numbers and words. They are the basis of communication. I was blessed with a love for learning at a very early age and math, reading and writing came easy for me. Accounting seemed a natural fit for my gifts and skills set and my love for helping people. When I'm not doing accounting you can find me spending time with family and friends. I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, John, four outstanding grown children that include three daughters and one son, many grandchildren and a large extended family. If I'm not spending time with family and friends you can find me reading, studying and learning something new, cooking, grilling, baking – especially bread and sugar cookies, lending a helping hand here and there, boating, or spending time in peaceful places of God’s creation.