Abel’s Field

Tough-as-steel Seth McArdle is a high school senior who fixes cars to pay the rent and is raising his little sisters alone in Sinai, Texas—a former oil town whose only green patch lies between the field goal posts. A run-in with the football star lands Seth in a month of after-school work, facing Abel, part-time groundskeeper, and a looming deadline to prepare the field for homecoming.

Seth is angry, and Abel is secretive. Day after day the two work at cross-purposes, until the day Abel steps up for Seth, and in the new trust that forms, becomes Seth’s mentor. When Seth learns that his father has died, his home will be auctioned, and the girls must go to distant relatives, he turns to Abel—and finds him skipping town.

Add Abel now to letdowns in Seth’s life. Add desperation-fueled crime to the setbacks Seth’s heading into. What is Abel’s secret, and why does it hobble him when Seth needs him most? Can Seth see past disappointment and do the right thing? Can two wounded men face their pasts with forgiveness and find the redemption they crave?

It’s almost homecoming in Sinai.