Be The Message

“Kerry and Chris Shook give us a powerful guide on how to stop hiding behind our image and truly discover and live our authentic life message.” Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of the New York Times #1 Best-seller The Purpose Driven Life

Are you troubled by the disconnect between the words you speak and the life you live? Do you find it easier to offer words instead of actions? Would you like to see your faith become more active and life-changing in the world around you? Pastors Kerry and Chris Shook, founders of Woodlands Church outside of Houston, felt that way. Even though their calling involved preaching and teaching, they became weary of sermons and words. They felt a gap between what they were saying and meeting the needs of people around them. They decided to do something about it.

In a nutshell, they chose to talk about God less and walk with God more. Be the Message is their story of waking up to the gospel-not just a gospel of words and sermons, but the gospel of intention and action and people—and how doing so changed their family, church and personal relationship with God. It’s their story of taking one step after another to live out God’s gospel in the world. And it’s their call for us to do the same.

“Something shifts inside you when your faith is acted out,” they write. Indeed, one of the profound secrets they discovered is “You are the gospel.” The verse “the word of God lives in you” is really about life message—your life lived out, and it’s different for everyone.

For the Shooks being God’s hand and feet in the world played out in countless and different ways from converting their local church bookstore into one of the largest fair trade/direct trade stores in the country to helping a post-earthquake remote village in Haiti transform and sustain itself by learning how to produce 4x more coffee.

But their story is not intended to call everyone to a life mission overseas. Each person brings uniqueness to how he or she lives out the gospel. Be the Message provides a roadmap to the possibilities ultimately serving as an inspirational, idea-filled look at making our lives shout through actions not words.

“Our goal is that by the end of the book you will be able to clearly see the life message of Jesus and you’ll also have a much clearer view of what your own life message is, the way that God wants to walk and speak and reach others through you so that you can not only read the message but be the message.”

Along the way, the Shooks wisely remind us that God never asks us to do something big for Him. He asks us to take small steps of faith so He can do something big in us and through us.