Camp Kivu

Camp Kivu – A New Take on Christian Camps Andy Braner is an expert on the challenges today’s Christian teens face and on giving young people tools to face them. Andy sees many kids go to college where their faith dies on the vine. Camp Kivu – in the beautiful Colorado Rockies – equips kids to go back into high school or prepares them to go to college strong and assured of their faith and how to do life with it. With Camp Kivu, seven- or 14-day stints of exciting Colorado adventure equips them with answers to the Big Questions. Kivu also offers an innovative “Gap Year” program, taking high school graduates literally around the world, placing them in service, enterprise, and leadership positions. Kivu is a new kind of camp for the new challenges Christian kids face today. In addition to founding and running Camp Kivu, Andy is the author of Love This and Duplicate This, unique books for the unique challenges today’s teens face.

Story Angles: – Christian camps in a post-9/11 world. What has changed? What shouldn’t? – The Gap Year – Investing time between high school and college to prepare for life in the real world by literally going around the world – working, serving, growing. – Not your parents’ teen years – For teens today, Christian and non-Christian, everything has changed. How do they cope? How do parents help? – Sex and the Single Teen – It’s worse than you think with greater opportunity than you know

Interview: Andy Braner– Author, speaker, founder of Camp Kivu