Facing The Giants

So a church in Albany GA makes a movie about a football coach that can’t win for losing.  The story is homegrown, written by a church minister and his brother.  The cast amounts to church members with free nights and weekends, and some vacation time.  Sunday school classes handle the catering. Long story short: FACING THE GIANTS made it into the hands of Provident Films, a Sony Pictures sister company.  The rest, no kidding, is filmmaking history.  GIANTS made more than $10 million at the box office, sold DVDs in the millions, and fanned out to every continent, in 20-plus languages.  “With God’s help, I’m learning to face my giants,” thousands emailed to Sherwood Church.

Lovell-Fairchild Communications worked with Provident Films, taking news of this new kind of Christian film to churches feeling long overdue to see (and make use of) faith on the big screen.  Media such as CNN, NBC, FOX, Variety, and many more, were charmed by the church-that-could and the film that did.