No Fear In Love By Andy Braner

How to love fearlessly–even when we disagree

In an age when we are as connected as we are contentious, an astounding number of religious, cultural, and political polarities do more to divide us than unite us. In fact, Christians are getting the reputation of being “against” just about everything. But is this the best way to bear witness to the love of God before an unbelieving world? Or does it simply serve to push others further and further away from the life-giving power of Jesus?

Perhaps it is time to trade condemnation for compassion.

Story-driven and biblically based, No Fear in Love challenges us to love others the way God loves us–unconditionally, brokenness and all–and to trust that God is truly in control. “Braner nails it. No simple platitudes here; just real-life stories soaked in truth that will set you free.”–Carl Medearis, author of Adventures in Saying Yes: A Journey from Fear to Faith

“The pathway of authentic love has led Andy past fear and into that wonderful, adventurous place where ‘the other’ becomes a friend. Like Andy, I’m learning that’s often where Jesus does his best work in and through us.”–Lynne Hybels, advocate for global engagement, Willow Creek Community Church

“This is a critical and timely book that demands serious attention and reflection.”–Bob Roberts Jr., author of Bold as Love and senior pastor of Northwood Church Andy Braner is the founder of Ahava Ministries, a nonprofit youth ministry that teaches teens and college students to think about the world through a Jesus paradigm. A popular blogger, he speaks to over 100,000 students, parents, and teachers every year at churches, conferences, and personal tours. He has appeared on CBN, Fox News, and various other media outlets, and lives in Colorado.