Not Today – India Media Trip

Friends Church in Yorba Linda CA , one of the nation’s wealthiest, is committed to India’s Dalits (formerly known as “lowest of the low”) to the tune of $20 million/200 schools.  Their partner is Dalit Freedom Network, headed by Dr. Joseph D’souza, currently with 147 schools and a first graduating class sending one young woman to med school. The object of all the attention was slavery, human trafficking, to which India’s 30 million Dalits are exceptionally vulnerable–because they’re often despised and because they think so little of themselves.  D’souza’s schools drill in they are made in the image of God; and many of the schools have serious academic respect. Friends Church produced a feature-length film, NOT TODAY, about a spoiled Orange County college student who goes to India to party, stumbles into a situation, and is changed by his new understanding of modern slavery.  We arranged a trip to take journalists to see the slums, the schools, and to put real faces on problems and solutions.