October Baby

The movie OCTOBER BABY debuted in the box office top 10 in February 2012, going on to earn more than $5.3 million—remarkable for a limited-release, independent film. It earned praise from Christian and mainstream reviewers alike, including the Los Angeles Times, which cited its “fine performances and authentic emotion . . . a film whose poignancy is hard to deny.”

Now, that poignant, funny, romantic and moving film finds even deeper expression in novel form with October Baby—A Novel, from best-selling author Eric Wilson and screenwriter Theresa Preston. In the novel, the authors take readers farther into the lives of favorite characters such as Hannah, Jason, Truman, Alana and even the elusive, enigmatic and hilarious B-Mac.

October Baby the novel opens many years before the film starts. We learn the back story of an African American nurse, torn between her conscience and her job at an abortion clinic. We watch Hannah Lawson grow up, unaware she is adopted and the survivor of a failed abortion attempt. We see her relationship develop with best friend, Jason.

Years later at college, we see Hannah on the brink of early acting success; Jason paired with Alana, his girlfriend; and Truman, the too-clever-for-his-own-good schemer who always has a plan . . . that’s always going wrong.

Hannah’s frail health, resulting from the failed abortion, catches up with her as she collapses on stage during the opening of a new play. This crisis leads to the revealing of her background and the heartbreak and confusion that follow, feeling betrayed by her parents and unsure who she really is.

And so a new stage is set, this time for a Spring Break road trip with Hannah, Jason, Alana, Truman and friends, with Hannah using it to search for her birth mother and the truth of her birth.

In October Baby, the authors take us deeper into the lives of each of these characters as we discover there’s more than meets the eye with all of them. And along the way, each of them finds the difference truth, love and forgiveness can make.

For fans of the movie or those just wanting a good read, October Baby offers a fun, fast-paced, dramatic, romantic journey through the lives of characters you’ll care about in situations that will keep you turning the pages.