Saddleback Leather Company

Dave Munson was a volunteer English teacher in southern Mexico and needing a good leather bag. So he designed one, had it locally crafted. And everywhere he traveled, he heard, “Where can I get a bag like that?” By 1999, Dave was living in Mexico and overseeing production of the next lot of bags to sell in El Paso and on eBay. By 2003, with sales booming and even extended family pitching in, Saddleback Leather Co. was born.

Today, more than 260 employees in facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, and Leon, Mexico, produce Saddleback’s pulse-racing spectrum of bags, backpacks, briefcases, wallets, accessories . . . even a leather coffin. And every one of the designs comes with a 100-year warranty.

Success has turned on several non-negotiables:

  • Finest grade of materials and the best craftsmen producing only the highest quality designs.
  • Customers and employees treated honestly, fairly, and with respect.
  • Success shared with people in need, children especially.
  • No separating business and faith.