The Bridge

An unforgettable love story set against the demise of the American bookstore, The Bridge is a story for the times, and figures to be Karen Kingsbury’s biggest book to date. For three decades The Bridge bookstore connected the people of Franklin, Tenn., with cherished stories and with Charlie and Donna Barton, the store’s owners. And the store connected them to each other. But not all stories that started at The Bridge had a happy ending. Five years earlier, Molly and Ryan were two college students united in a shared faith, love of music and an undeniable attraction to each other. But the two were separated by circumstances that cut their story short and left them with what figured to be a lifetime of questions.

When a hundred-year flood devastates the town, it nearly destroys The Bridge, crushing Charlie’s spirit and causing him to doubt whether his work in books really mattered. Then as Christmas approaches, a sudden tragedy strikes and all hope seems lost. Molly and Ryan return to Franklin, neither of them expecting to see the other and both of them needing a miracle. Can the people of Franklin rally around The Bridge and find the second chances they all need? The Bridge is a story that will remind you that your love for books matters. It is a story for our times, a story that will stay in your heart forever.