The Love Dare

Spreading The Love Dare — a Crossover Phenomenon It began as a book that starred in a movie. And while moviemakers expected to sell some books … the movie, Fireproof, broke movie records, and the book — a how-to on unconditional love in marriage—so far has spent 50-plus weeks on the NYT bestseller list. That’s more than 3 million copies in print. Not surprisingly, the book has expanded into a line, now debuting Love Dare Day by Day, taking love’s practical applications to a full year. “We’re not into gimmicks,” says B&H Publishing, “but we are widening the scope on these universal principles.”

Topics: Addressing the marriage crisis Surprise crossover Christian bestsellers The relationship book market

Interviews: John Thompson, B&H Marketing Vice President Andrea Dennis, B&H Tradebook Marketing Stephen and Alex Kendrick, Love Dare authors