The Skin You Live In

Martin Luther King called 11 o’clock Sunday morning “the most segregated hour in America.”

In his important new book The Skin You Live In, Dr. David Ireland—pastor of a 6,000-member, multicultural megachurch—challenges Christians to become racially attractive and develop friendships across cultural lines. Consider these facts regarding the need for the Church to advance in this area:

Evangelical churches are 81 percent Anglo, 7 percent Latino and 6 percent African American. Congregations of historically black churches are 92 percent African American, 2 percent Anglo. In Evangelical churches, 94 percent of adherents are born in the United States comparedto 6 percent foreign born. Source: Pew Forum Religious Landscape Study Only 3 percent of U.S. churches have at least 11 percent of the congregation from different races than the majority. 79 percent of Christian churches identify and gather along mono-racial lines. SOURCE: George Barna, Today’s Pastor, Regal Press, cited in The Skin You Live In