Why Not Today

“Lord, I’m in.” In 2007, Pastor Matthew Cork uttered these words after witnessing the poverty and persecution of India’s Dalits–the “Untouchables,” the Slum Dogs–and among the world’s most exploited people. The gripping new book Why Not Today, tells how Matthew and the members of Friends Church in affluent Orange County California answer God’s call to join the fight against human trafficking. This global battle gets personal as Cork commits to an audacious vision–$20 million from Friends Church over 10 years to build 200 schools. The church even took up the challenge of communicating the story worldwide by producing the film NOT TODAY. The book, like that movie, brings a worldwide problem to life through personal stories. Why Not Today inspires, engages and informs readers, showing how they can join the fight on behalf of “the least of these” and the time to do it . . . Why Not Today?