BRANSON, Mo. – Now marking its 10th year in Branson, Sight & Sound announces that its 2,000-seat, state-of-the-art theater next will thrill audiences with the story—and the music, animals and amazing effects—of the original superhero, Samson.

“We’re thrilled to mark this 10-year milestone with one of our most exciting productions,” Sight & Sound Theatres CEO Matt Neff said. “Branson and Sight & Sound share a common focus on faith, family and quality entertainment. Our expansion here has been a natural fit.”

Sources and numbers bear it out. Trip Advisor rates Sight & Sound Theatres as Branson’s No. 1 attraction. More than 3.5 million people have seen a Sight & Sound production in Branson since the doors opened ten years ago, including nearly 1 million seeing Moses alone during the past two seasons. In 2017, Branson’s Sight & Sound staged 325 performances; in 2018 it stages 395.

Tickets for Samson are on sale; performances begin March 3, 2018, and run through Dec. 29, 2018.

In Samson, a Bible story again springs to life on a 300-foot stage wrapping audiences on three sides as action spills into the aisles. Besides 44 actors, Samson features not one or two but 34 live animals: horses, dogs, pigs and a water buffalo . . . even a pig race. Samson’s massive sets, meanwhile, tower up to three stories high (28 feet).

And what a story! He defeated an entire army and slayed a lion with his bare hands. But there’s a secret behind Samson’s superpower. Chosen by God from birth, he’s been given superhuman strength—as long as he follows the rules. And that’s where the trouble begins. Samson soon falls prey to temptation, losing his strength and sight. And it’s here where he will face his greatest challenge.

Journey with this unlikely hero as he battles the Philistines—and his own personal calling. It’s an unforgettable, uplifting story that will literally bring the house down!

“Samson breathes new life into this Old Testament story, immersing audiences in a moving, inspiring theatrical spectacle,” said Executive Producer Josh Enck, Sight & Sound’s President and Chief Creative Officer. “It’s an adventure for the entire family.”

For Samson tickets and more information, visit sight-sound.com

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SIGHT & SOUND THEATRES® OVERVIEW Sight & Sound Theaters began more than 40 years ago in rural Pennsylvania where a dairy farmer went from producing milk to producing live entertainment with a purpose. Today that vision has expanded to two state-of-the art theaters in Lancaster, PA and Branson, MO, where stories from the Bible come to life on stage. Each production features Sight & Sound’s signature massive sets, special effects and live animals. Still family-owned, Sight & Sound’s nearly 650 staff members write, produce, design and build the original shows, drawing nearly 1.5 million audience members each year.